"I sent two of my people to the LIVE event. With them back now, it was worth every penny. There is something about seeing Zappos in person that makes things just click.”

Dave Brautigan
CEO - Atlanta Refrigeration

"What you guys are doing is truly remarkable work, and I think you are going to play a big hand in helping change the way we all do business."

Rich Scott
Feelgoodz - National Accounts

"In AllPopArt's corporate culture there has been a before and after since we discovered Zappos. Lack of culture is the problem, but it is sometimes covered by smaller symptoms such as fear of change and problematic employees . . . and you can keep on fixing these little problems but new ones will arise because there are no values or culture for the company to grow solid on. Zappos provided us with the medicine. Now we are proud to grow healthy and strong, with a clear mission and a group of people that believe in it."

Ana Sanchez

“I really can't thank you enough for the most valuable part of the event: getting to live and breathe the Zappos culture for two days. Experiencing the Zappos culture in action has really motivated me to help everyone I work with feel that same sense of excitement and belonging and mutual purpose."

Maya Simon

"Zappos Insights provided me not only with ideas on how to do business better with clients and employees, but with an experience that I could bring back to the office and infuse into our organization."

Becca Yaklich
Communications Manager - Agribank