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What Does Leadership in Self-Organization Look Like?


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Leadership within a traditional hierarchical structure is the one with which most organizations are familiar: a top-down format within a triangle where managers are the main decision makers. So what happens when that structure becomes a hierarchy of work rather than a hierarchy of people? How is leadership in self-organization different?

Can You Quantify Company Culture?



E.M. Forster wrote, “Only connect.” One trait of a strong company culture is how connected its employees are to each other. Some even say a company is only as strong as its culture, but can you use metrics to define connectedness? How does a company quantify culture?

Loving Your Job



If you are just doing what you love, you are doing it wrong!
Okay, I apologize, that was kind of for shock value, but please let me explain it a little more by sharing my journey with you. A long time ago, I heard about the Confucius saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So I thought that if someone paid me to do what I love (programming), I would have a job I loved. Do what you love. Simple, right? Wrong!

All Hands Meeting - What It Is and Why You (May) Want One



Maybe you’re a company of two; maybe you’re a company of thousands. Regardless of the size, All Hands meetings yield several immediate benefits for any organization that holds them.

How a Life Coach Can Help Your Employees


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As companies explore new options in the ever-challenging and changing world of work benefits, providing a life coach is becoming increasingly popular. So how can having one help your employees – as well as your business?

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