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Grief Sucks...Helping a coworker deal with loss



The sad and sticky workplace scenario: a coworker is dealing with a personal loss and you are struggling with how best to help them. What do you do? Should you jump in and somehow show support or is the best approach to do and say nothing, for fear of doing the wrong thing? Perhaps they just “need their space” or you may be concerned that it is too personal an issue for the office.

How to Be Acquired by a BIG Company and Retain Your Culture



It began like any other sweltering hot July day in Las Vegas, but this wasn’t just any old day. There was change a-comin’. Big news! Yep, on July 22,2009, acquired (Insert loud, scary “duh, duh, duh!!!” music here.) OR as our CEO Tony Hsieh referred to the dealio in an email to the company: “Zappos and Amazon sitting in a tree…” 

Recognition: Making It More Personal



There’s a good chance that your company already has a recognition program in place. According to a SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) Employee Recognition survey, 81% of companies reported having one ( While it’s great that so many companies are recognizing how important recognition is, some of the top employee complaints (in the same survey!) are that these programs don’t have much impact and can be impersonal, showing that there’s still room for improvement. So the question we may want to ask ourselves is how do we create a recognition program that feels more authentic?

Thanks For All Of Your Concern, But…



Originally published on his own personal Medium blog, Matt shares his take on all the changes happening around the office. 

Kandis: What Culture Means To Me



Continuing our series of employees sharing what the Zappos culture means to them, we have Kandis, one of our product managers, sharing her perspective and telling a story about her journey.

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