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Loving Your Job



If you are just doing what you love, you are doing it wrong!
Okay, I apologize, that was kind of for shock value, but please let me explain it a little more by sharing my journey with you. A long time ago, I heard about the Confucius saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So I thought that if someone paid me to do what I love (programming), I would have a job I loved. Do what you love. Simple, right? Wrong!

All Hands Meeting - What It Is and Why You (May) Want One



Maybe you’re a company of two; maybe you’re a company of thousands. Regardless of the size, All Hands meetings yield several immediate benefits for any organization that holds them.

How a Life Coach Can Help Your Employees



As companies explore new options in the ever-challenging and changing world of work benefits, providing a life coach is becoming increasingly popular. So how can having one help your employees – as well as your business?

Entitlement in the Workplace



Picture this: You’re at your company’s quarterly All Hands meeting. It’s Q&A time with top leaders where anyone can ask anything . . . and every time, people continually ask about getting more free perks around the office. True story.  

Zappos Welcomes the “Do More with Less” Frog to the Box



In August 2014 a cute new friend made its first appearance on the iconic Zappos box. He’s the “Do More with Less” Frog, and his presence and message is to promote green thinking and sustainable behavior. He’s named after Zappos Core Value #5 - Do More with Less. You might even be reading this blog for the first time thanks to Frog! Woo hoo!

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