The Importance of Core Values


The Zappos Family Core Values are the benchmark for everything that we do as a company. We hire and fire based on them, and every decision made will have the Core Values in mind. It’s who we are; not just as employees but as people.

I came across this video of Steve Jobs, and wanted to share it because I believe the point he makes is so important.

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    1. Debbie S. said over 1 year ago

    Core values speak to the heart of everything we do. They provide the framework and guidance for how we will interact with our customers and our coworkers. They provide guidance for "doing the right thing"even when nobody is looking. We all come to the workplace with our own experiences and baggage. Core values bind us together and create a shared experience. They create a road map that helps a diverse group of people fundtion together as a team.

    Even when not articulated, the true values of an organizatinon become evident by its actions. Core values must be lived and not chosen because they look good on paper. If there is a disconnnect between the articulated core values and the way we do business, it will become evident from our actions. There must be a commitment by leadership to mirror the core values in all their actions. When a company has a strong set of core values it will drive all critical business decisons. Employees will become engaged and will take pride in how they do their work. The organization will attract and retain top talent. Core values create their own ROI.

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