Core Curriculum

Check out the all encompassing training modules that include best practices, hiring the right team members, developing great leadership, and much more. The step by step lessons not only give information, but also provide ideas on how to implement them in your organization. Each module is time released from the date of your membership registration to allow you time to reflect and digest the current information.

Core Values

MODULE 1: Discover how to create and implement Core Values that will make a positive change in your business.


Hiring And Firing - available in 30 days

MODULE 2: Learn why it's so important to get the right people on the bus, and in the right seat.

Training For Leaders And Longevity - available in 60 days

MODULE 3: How can you expand on your training program to develop the types of employees you want working within your company?

Customer Service - available in 90 days

MODULE 4: Learn to WOW customers, and create a connection that will keep them buzzing about your business.

Empowerment And Engagement Inspiring Purpose - available in 120 days

MODULE 5: Encouraging individuality in the workplace. Why working with people is better than working with robots.

Leadership - available in 150 days

MODULE 6: Learn how to lead a team and how to increase productivity through clear communication and organization.