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Get a new perspective on how to WOW your customers, and create a connection that will keep them buzzing about your business.

Building a Customer Service Culture to Drive Profits


Christa Foley the Zappos Family HR Recruiting Manager and Corey Schreiber a Supervisor with Zappos Insights participated in the SME Digital Power Panel to discuss how building a customer service culture can drive profits. 

Deliver WOW Through Service Innovating The Experience



We invite senior managers from the customer loyalty team to chat with Insights members and share the evolution of service in the call center.  If you'd like to learn about the early beginnings of the Zappos customer loyalty team to innovations of service of the years, check out this podcast to learn more.

Duration:  about 1 hour

Building a Customer Focused Culture



In this video, learn about how the Zappos Family has built a customer focused culture by recruiting the right people, supporting our team members, and creating an amazing customer service experience. 

Creating Customer Experiences to Drive Word of Mouth Marketing



Jon, Culture Evangelist Zappos Insights

Listen to this podcast to learn how customer loyalty team members are empowered to service the customer which creates an experience to drive word of mouth marketing. 

Zappos CLT Call Reviews



Every customer service department reviews or scores their team members calls. The Zappos Customer Loyalty team uses a custom grading scale to evaluate their team members’ calls. They use what is referred to as the Happy Experience Form, and the Happiness Experience Roadmap to evaluate the team members’ performance. These forms were developed in house, and have been tailored to uphold the standards of the Zappos Family customer service. 

We have provided these call review forms for you in this article.

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