Empowerment & Engagement

Inspire loyalty from the inside out. Learn how to empower and inspire your team members.

Building a Customer Focused Culture



In this video, learn about how the Zappos Family has built a customer focused culture by recruiting the right people, supporting our team members, and creating an amazing customer service experience. 

Build A Positive Team & Family Spirit: Increasing Employee Engagement



This podcast shares employee programs and events that the Zappos Family has implemented to increase employee engagement. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Pursue Growth & Learning with Zappos' Goals Coach


The Zappos Family provides a company coach to employees as a benefit to help them set any personal or professional goals.  Learn about the goals program in this podcast. 

Duration: about 45 minutes

Power To The People: Empowerment In Zappos



All of the employees are empowered to make decisions that are right for the business to service the customers.  If the Customer Loyalty Team representative wants to WOW the customer, they have full control of the experience whether it is upgrading the shipping, making a customer VIP, or sending flowers to a customer to brighten up their day.  Empowered employees make customers happy!  

In this video, you'll learn how Zappos Customer Loyalty Team Leads empower their team members.

We'll cover:

  • The purpose and function of empowerment in the Zappos Family.
  • Types of power to think about.
  • How it applies to the role of the lead in Zappos Customer Loyalty Team.
  • How to help team members feel empowered.

This training has been given by the Tool Box Team which is a  specialized training group specifically to support the growth and development for the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team.

Interview with Dan Mezick author of The Culture Game



Dan Mezick, President, New Technology Solutions Inc.

Are your meetings at work boring? Are the people attending your meetings not paying attention or participating? In this interview Dan Mezick talks about how applying the principles of games to your meetings can create higher levels of engagement.

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