What is Zappos Insights?

Zappos Insights is a department within the Zappos Family of Companies created simply to help share the Zappos Culture with the world. Yep, that means YOU! We are humbled by the attention Zappos has received and all the questions we get about our unique culture and business. We hope to see a day when all organizations realize they can have a successful and profitable business where their employees love coming to work, are happy and engaged, and whose customers are raving fans. We're happy to share how we created our ten core values, built our culture, and run our business based on them because we believe any workplace can benefit from identifying and/or strengthening their own culture and core values.

Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or your business has been around for 100 years, we're here to help YOU! We offer tours of the Zappos Headquarters, Q&A sessions with Zappos leaders, a Zappos Insights content membership, and full Zappos culture immersion with our live training events. We can even create a custom event for you if you’d like. Just let us know. (:

At Zappos, we believe that work should be fun. Check us out and learn how we foster an employee-centric culture and why we were named to FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work For® 7 years in a row!

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Upcoming Training Events

3-Day Culture Camp

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School of WOW - Leaders

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Core Curriculum

A series of six learning modules outlining our step by step process of how to create culture within an organization. You will find lessons on Core Value Creation, Hiring and Firing, Training for Leaders and Longevity, WOW Customer Service, Empowerment and Engagement, and Leadership.

Resource and Toolkits

With your Zappos Insights Membership you have access to our library of customer service and HR documents, videos with Zappos leaders, and how-tos to assist you in creating the culture you envision for your organization.

Membership Topics

Core Values & Culture

Customer Service

Empowerment & Engagement


Hiring and Training

Become a Member of Zappos Insights

Is your New Hire a Culture Fit?

Download our 3-part People Pack for lessons on screening new hires for culture fit.

  • Core values alignment assessment guide
  • 10 tips for ensuring that your next new hire is a culture fit
  • The Zappos Family core values document


About Zappos.com

Zappos.com was established in 1999 to offer the best possible online shopping experience for footwear. Over the years, the selection has grown to include not only footwear but clothing, accessories, housewares, and more. Named a J.D. Power 2011 Customer Service Champion, rated ELITE by STELLAService, and recognized as one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® 6 years in a row since 2009, Zappos.com continues to strive for excellence in customer service.

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