Tye and Dianna From Natural Partners

Listen to Tye and Dianna from Natural Partners discuss how they took what they learned from Zappos and implemented changes in their organization.

Tony Gareri From Roma Moulding

Watch this video to see how Tony transformed Roma Moulding's culture after attending Zappos Insight's training events.

School of WOW

See what our customers are saying about the School of WOW customer service training

Customer Feedback

Dear Tony Hsieh:

On March 17th, my marketing students and I from Cameron University had the pleasure to engage in the Zappos Insights half-a-day training. We were extremely impressed with your team’s passion, knowledge, humility, and engagement. Everyone was genuine and open during our discussions. Emaile Quinn did an amazing job with structuring and running the training, while delivering personable service to my students. My students learned a wealth of knowledge, and your team provided them with an experience that they will never forget.

At the end of the day, we didn’t even feel like Zappos sold shoes; rather, we felt that we just engaged with a top-tier customer service company.

You have an amazing team at Zappos!



Hello Tonica and Trevor - Happy 2016!

I just wanted to share with you my real life story of how I've put my Zappos class/visit to use.  I attended your two-day coaching event this past May 2015.  On the last day of the event, we chose small groups and came up with our pitch (for lack of a better word) of how we would take what we learned from you all and Zappos (about coaching) back to our organizations. I work at a community college and my pitch was to begin a one-on-one coaching program for faculty.  The goal for my proposed coaching program was to deepen instruction, better serve students, and adjust our awesome dials ("our" meaning the faculty's awesome dials). I actually did pitch the idea to my college in November (just three months ago) and they said YES!  So, this week I am launching our first ever one-on-one coaching program.  I have 10-15 faculty participants AND I have about ten more who wanted to volunteer for the program (but since I am the only coach right now, I am keeping the participant roster to no more than 15 faculty members at once). Isn't that fun?  From your coaching event to a real outcome and change.  Wow!

But, it gets better! I also took what I gleaned from my two days at Zappos and began sharing that with my colleagues and students through a workshop I created called Zappify Your Work, Life, and School.  To date, I've delivered the workshop to at least five different groups; each time, the workshop has been well received. To be honest, the participants leave enthused, curious and ready to revolt.  They consistently want to know, Why can't more businesses, schools, and families embrace more of a Zappos philosophy and way of being?  Yes!  The point of the workshop is to introduce them to my experience at the two-day coaching event, expand the participants' perspectives, shake up the status quo and realize anyone can be more Zappos-like - it's a mindset and practice.

Three of the workshops were with a group of education and business students. This is some of the feedback they shared after the workshop:


  • Business doesn't have to a be a dictatorship.
  • I know have new ideas how to run my future business.
  • Everyone matters - from the person at the front desk to the CEO
  • I'm inspired to Zappify more things in my life
  • And my favorite....
  • Zappos, if you were a girl, I'd marry you.

I have two more Zappify events to lead at my college this semester - one in the form of a keynote address for our adjunct faculty and a webinar for area businesses whom we partner with at my college.  I suspect the participants will leave the same - enthused, curious and slightly-revolt-ready.  I like that last descriptor as sometimes it takes strong emotion and an innovative example - Zappos - to transform and evolve.

Thanks for providing the coaching event last May.  I would have never dreamed it would have had such a big impact on me or my college!

With gratitude,

Jen Lara

Anne Arundel Community College

Hi Marcela,

Thank you so much for the interesting, informative and fun seminar on Wednesday!  You did a great job and what a great suggestion it was to keep the list of things you want to change on your desk.  It's working!   Thanks again!


Thank you for the fabulous program on Wednesday.  Your presentation helped to put a fresh spin on customer service and I really enjoyed your thoughts about the correlation between an organization's outward customer service and their internal relations among staff. I certainly walked away with a lot to think about and re-inspired to continue working towards excellence.


In addition, as a loyal Zappos customer, I was excited to learn more about one of my favorite companies and was elated to confirm what I already knew to be true from my own personal experience; Zappos is the authority on customer service and a wonderful service model for us all!  

Best Regards,



Hey Trevor!!

Just wanted to tell you guys thank you for everything! It was an awesome experience and I learned more then I could retain, I’m thankful I took a ton of notes!! Im also very happy that I got to chat with you quite a bit and get to know a lot of the Zapponins on a personal level! I look forward to staying in contact with everyone I met including you folks at Zappos!!

Thanks  again!   Cheers!


Zappos Insights Family!

I'm sorry,  I wasn't able to say goodbye to everyone...

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank all of You for your warm hospitality and making us feel part of your family during our short visit to your home. The coordination and efforts required to make this event a success undoubtedly required a high level of collaboration and massive effort from the entire team.

You guys did an amazing job,  Congratulations!

Hopefully I can repay your generosity when you come out to Toronto. Once again,  exceptional job and Thank You for all you do!

Go Zappos!

Ps. I've probably hired over 500 customer service leaders during my time and without doubt, Gerald M. of your  CLT team, is by far, one of the best I've seen!