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In 2014, a much-vaunted app was released; the creators claimed this app would be a one-stop shop for personal health. Users could track calories consumed, blood alcohol content, respiratory rate, and vitamin intake; they could also look for information on ways to improve health, and advice on symptoms they were suffering. The app’s creators claimed that this was the future of personal healthcare, and the app did much of what it claimed, with a single glaring exception.

How Your Open Office Space Measures Up


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From the 1870s mineral excavations comes the popular phrase, “There’s gold in them thar hills.” From the 2000s U.S. corporate offices’ open-space trend comes the notion, “There’s gold in them thar open floor plans.” Gold, as in golden opportunities for efficiency, transparency, inclusivity, accessibility and increased engagement, just to name a few.

Pursue Growth & Learning Series - Article Takeaways: “Adapting Change to Fit Complexity”


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Below are key learnings from the article ‘Adapting Change to Fit Complexity’, written by Dawna Jones, published on the Huffington Post.

Pursue Growth & Learning Series - Article Takeaways: “Culture is Not the Culprit”


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Below are key learnings from the article ‘Culture is not the Culprit’, written by Jay W. Lorsch and Emily McTague, published in the April 2016 issue of Harvard Business review. 

Pursuing Growth & Learning. How Zappos does it and how we can help you, too.



“Pursue Growth and Learning” is one of our 10 Core Values here at We made the decision to frame our Core Values as actionable statements to help us all remember that the intent with Core Values should NOT just be to use them as a marketing tool or to hand them out to new hires on their first day. Nope, in order for Core Values to work, you’ve got to LIVE and COMMIT to them.

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