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Four Peer-To-Peer Ways Zappos Employees Reward Each Other

In the Zappos Family, peer-to-peer employee rewards programs help build a positive team spirit.  Zapponians have the chance to acknowledge others who are excellent examples of the culture and have done a super awesome job. 

A Zapponian can be recognized for their efforts if they go above and beyond to help out another team member or WOWing a customer.  By having employees reward their peers, it shows appreciation for the hard work they’re doing.

While managers can certainly reward employees, we leave it up to the employees to nominate their peers.
In remaining true to our core value “Do More With Less,” we try to keep our programs affordable and scalable. 

Here are four of Zappos’ employee rewards programs:    

Zollar Program
Employees can earn Zollars or "Zappos dollars" for participating in training by answering questions or volunteering to help out.  This play money can be used to redeem Zappos branded schwag, such as a gym bag, desk fan, or water bottle, which is only sold through the company’s internal Zollar Store.  Zollars can also be used to redeem movie tickets or they can be donated to one of the charities that Zappos partners with on behalf of the employee.  It gives employees a warm, fuzzy feeling that every time they spend Zollars it can help others out which, in turn, makes the employee happy for being part of something bigger than themselves.

The Zapponian who awards the Zollar to another employee has to fill out the recipient’s name along with the reason of why they are giving the Zollar, which makes the recognition meaningful.  Any employee across the company can give and receive Zollars.

Master of WOW Parking
Another way to recognize a Zapponian is to award them the “Master of WOW Parking.”  It’s hot here in Vegas and getting a covered parking spot closest to the entrance at one of our three buildings for a week is a treat.   

In order to nominate an employee, all they have to do is submit a brief story to the ZCON Team (Zappos’ concierge) on how they were WOW’d by a fellow coworker.  WOW parking is chosen once a week (usually Friday) for a one week period (usually the following workweek).  Any Zappos employee can award the parking spot to a lucky employee.  It can be given to a teammate, team lead, someone who opened a door for them, someone who always smiles, or maybe to the person who magically cleans the restrooms or the break room.

Coworker Bonus Program
Employees can reward each other with a $50 coworker bonus.  That’s right!  Zapponians can show their fellow coworkers how much they appreciate them with moola. So, you might be wondering, how does this work?  Bonuses are obviously given for work-related reasons.  Each Zapponian can give one bonus per calendar month, but they can receive more than one as long as they are from different employees.

Managers, supervisors, and team leads are not eligible to neither receive bonuses from their direct reports nor issue one to them. This bonus system isn’t abused since it is monitored and subject to withholding at the time of payment.

Having employees give bonuses allows both the giver and the receiver to spread happiness.    

Hero Award
The Zappos HERO Award works in conjunction with the Coworker Bonus Program.  A Zappos HERO is an employee who embraces our core values to the fullest and lives to deliver WOW to their fellow Zapponians.  Our heroes are nominated by employees and chosen by the leadership team which is made up of all the heads of departments along with the CEO, CFO, and “no title.”

To nominate a coworker for this super prestigious award all one needs to do is give a coworker bonus to someone deserving.  The most outstanding example of a core value leader will not only receive the $50 bonus from their nominating coworker, but will also get their very own Zappos HERO cape (because, really, a cape is a necessity for all heroes) and a $150 Zappos gift card!

Zappos Hero