How a Life Coach Can Help Your Employees


As companies explore new options in the ever-challenging and changing world of work benefits, providing a life coach is becoming increasingly popular. So how can having one help your employees – as well as your business?

While at first glance the benefits may seem solely for employees, studies show that employees who take advantage of company coaching programs not only see improvements in their personal lives, but in their professional ones, as well. Company coaching programs have been shown to increase employee retention and engagement, boost productivity, and overcome performance issues. Employees find opportunities to strengthen their skillsets, gain confidence, and assume more responsibility in the workplace. According to the International Coaching Federation, 86% of companies who implement a coaching program feel the ROI was valuable.

In 2004, Zappos created its Goals Department as a resource for employees to set and achieve realistic 30-day goals, whether professional or personal. Closely tied to Zappos Core Value #5, Pursue Growth and Learning, the Zappos Goals program provides motivation and encouragement to members of the Zappos Family as well as a sense of pride and accomplishment upon achieving their goals. “The benefit of having a coaching program in a company is the fact that it is just that - a benefit,” says Augusta Scott, CPCC and in-house life coach at Zappos. “This is something for the team members to benefit from by pursuing their goals and dreams, and it is because we believe when people are able to do that, it will unlock amazing potential, drive, happiness, and discovery.This will impact them in a positive way both professionally as well as personally, because we know that those two areas in your life will intersect at some point.”

Augusta Scott (or lovingly known simply as “Coach” around the Zappos campus) meets weekly with participants to discuss their progress. “I love being of service to others,” says Coach. “It is my purpose and one of my passions in life!  As I see the team members in the beginning of the journey, and then watch them discover everything they are capable of achieving, it is the greatest reward.  It’s amazing to watch them on their journey of life as they make choices, change habits, and start realizing the results they want, which in turn, can - and does - change their lives.”

While the reasons to consult a life coach are varied, the top 3 that Coach sees at Zappos are: 1) weight release (Coach uses the word ‘release’ over ‘loss’ because losing something implies we want to find it again), 2) progression within the company, and 3) self-confidence. Because there is so much crossover between personal lives and professional ones, it’s no surprise that both coaching participants and their employers also see added benefits such as better teamwork, increased job satisfaction, improved communication skills, and improved relationships.

By providing an outlet for growth and learning like a coaching program, organizations can send a powerful message to their employees that their individual progress is valued and encouraged.

For more information on how to start a coaching program or give yours a tune up, check out Zappos Insights’ two-day coaching event


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Author: Erica Spelman

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