How Culture Affects Employee Engagement


In this guest post from Jessica Dahlstrum, she discusses how having a strong culture can increase employee engagement and productivity.

When employees are excited to come to work each day, workplace productivity significantly increases. At Zappos, they consider a company culture that is defined by clear values that are 100% committed to, one of the most important factors when it comes to a rewarding work experience. But how can you create a positive environment and culture at your own business? 

Set Clear Goals

It’s critical to begin with a clear vision for your company or business. Make both short and long term goals, and then ensure that they are well communicated to all employees. Keep your staff updated on company progress and engage with employees so they feel equally invested in the company's success. Be as transparent as you can be!

Open Communication

Having open communication in the workplace is another great employee engagement strategy that will encourage teamwork, promote community, and foster trust. Ensuring your staff is informed about the business keeps objectives clear and eliminates hearsay from creeping into the workplace. 

Rather than encouraging the division between workers and managers, promote direct and comfortable communication. Aim for mentor-mentee relationships rather than command-and-control, top down directives. 

Praise and Recognition

You can promote a positive and rewarding company culture by giving praise and recognition when it’s due. If you see an employee go above and beyond, make sure you let them know you appreciate it! What’s even better than a manager giving praise? Peer to peer recognition programs. At Zappos, every employee can give out a $50 co-worker bonus each month to a colleague who has WOWed them. 

How to Handle Conflict

Once you’ve established your own unique core values and company culture, chances are you’ll still encounter conflict. Rather than view conflict as a negative, you can utilize your employee engagement strategy to continue to develop trust. How an employer reacts to conflict is a sure sign of how invested they are in their employees. Maintain an open and honest dialogue to find the best solution. 

Your Own Company Culture

By really considering your business goals, emphasizing open and clear communication with employees, fostering a community of gratitude and recognition, and handling conflict in a calm, open dialogue, you’ll soon notice a positive shift in your own company culture. And ultimately, that means you’ll have a happy (and hardworking) workforce! 

For more tips on how to improve your business and helpful employee engagement strategies, visit the Zappos Insights Membership site. 

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