Sharing Great Calls


Recognition is a big part of keeping a moral high in any organization. Here at the Zappos Family we are constantly pushing ourselves to find new ways to recognize our team members for the great job that they do. In the spirit of Core Value #8, "Do More With Less," we combined customer feedback into a new team member recognition program that we have dubbed “Sharing Great Calls.”

Sharing Great Calls puts responsibility on team members to inform their Leads when they have calls that make real connections with customers. The Leads will e-mail the customers from their personal email addresses and ask for feedback on the experiences. Here are some of the replies that the Leads received from customers.

“Beth was awesome! I called her at 0400 Texas time in the middle of my shift as a nurse. As much as I love my Alegria shoes, they squeaked with every step! You can only imagine how awful that is when I sneak into a postpartum mom's room to check on her newborn baby. SQUEAK . . . SQUEAK . . . SQUEAK! Not fun when sleep is so precious at that point in her life :) Without hesitation, Beth checked on your inventory and shipped a new pair immediately. They arrived Tuesday, and I sent the squeaky pair in the new pair’s box back to you. I work again tonight, so we will see if the new ones are quiet. Otherwise, Beth and I might be talking again at 0400!”

“Amy was so helpful and efficient this morning when I called her with quite a predicament! I am on vacation at a place where we exercise all day, and I forgot my exercise shoes!!! I gave her the SKU number, and she got them ordered for me and shipped overnight at no cost!! Amazing, and I truly appreciate her courteous understanding and excellent customer service! Please thank her again for me!!”

“Last week I called and spoke with Dray about a return. He quickly looked it up and let me know that it was received and then asked how I wanted the refund. I told him I wanted it as a store credit, that I was actually enjoying trying shoes that I might like primarily because of Zappos' return policy and friendly attitude. I feel no hesitation now in even purchasing and trying out shoes I normally would avoid because of the cost. With a credit, the Zappos policies, and the friendly attitudes, it all encourages that freedom. Your team member, Dray, was cheerfully upbeat, professional, and very helpful the entire time. I also made the suggestion that Zappos put the UPS tracking number on the return request confirmation e-mail because it makes it simpler to track the return without having to go back to the Zappos account and find it on the purchased item page. He said he would submit that suggestion. All in all, my phone contact with your customer service representative, Dray, was a most pleasant and successful interaction. I always recommend shopping at Zappos to all my family and friends. My son already is an enthusiastic customer, too. The whole experience is absolutely contagious :)!! Thanks for asking, and thank you for your fine service, too.”

When the customers send in these replies we post them to the company splash page for everyone to see. It’s really special to know that we can get great customer feedback, and recognize specific team members who delivered world-class customer service.

Author: Zappos Insights

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