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It’s a core value #2 kind of day. That’s right — we’re embracing and driving change with the move of our new and improved blog, Beyond the Box! Here, you’ll get the inside scoop on everything you love about Zappos. From captivating culture and community posts to lifestyle stories, and more! Don’t you worry. Previous blog posts can still be found on Zappos Insights, so old links will continue to work. However, any new content will be published to Beyond the Box.

The Importance of Staying Connected to Your Customers



There’s a plethora of examples of what happens when a company loses touch with its customers, what they want, and its brand identity. Any infamous PR disasters come to mind? Like any relationship, that of a company and its customer needs constant nourishing if it's going to survive, and if you don’t treat your customer right, there’s another company out there who will.


Zappos Insights Announces its Latest Offering in Culture and Customer Service Training: The School of WOW!



Designed and refined after years of custom events and participant feedback, the newly launched School of WOW has two offerings: one for customer service leaders and one for frontline employees.

Holiday Helpers 2012



It's that time of year again when the team members of the Zappos Family really band together to show what the Core Values; "Deliver WOW Through Service", and "Build A Positive Team and Family Spirit" really mean. We would like to introduce you to some of the team members serving up the WOW this holiday season. Enjoy!

Sharing Great Calls



Recognition is a big part of keeping a moral high in any organization. Here at the Zappos Family we are constantly pushing ourselves to find new ways to recognize our team members for the great job that they do. In the spirit of Core Value #8, "Do More With Less," we combined customer feedback into a new team member recognition program that we have dubbed “Sharing Great Calls.”

Company Culture + Exceptional Service = Magic



Having a strong company culture is great, but the best culture in the world doesn't matter if you do  not take care of your customers.