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Originally published on his own personal Medium blog, Matt shares his take on all the changes happening around the office. 

What Does Leadership in Self-Organization Look Like?



Leadership within a traditional hierarchical structure is the one with which most organizations are familiar: a top-down format within a triangle where managers are the main decision makers. So what happens when that structure becomes a hierarchy of work rather than a hierarchy of people? How is leadership in self-organization different?

Prioritization in Holacracy



One of the great things about Holacracy is that each individual, in absence of direction from others, is encouraged to set his or her own priorities. This is one way Holacracy empowers you to control your work and achieve your goals.

Good Holacracy Governance - What Does it Look Like?



Governance is the process of determining the work we would do as an organization if we had unlimited time and resources. This process does not contemplate people, but only work. The governance of your circle should break down the purposes and accountabilities given to it from the super-circle.

Leadership in Holacracy


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I am frequently asked: "What does leadership look like in Holacracy?" To answer that question it is necessary to examine one of the core tenets of Holacracy: distributed authority.