What Does Hiring for Culture Fit Really Mean?


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The term ‘culture fit’ has become commonplace in today’s workplace, but what does it really mean? With all the investment that organizations put into the training and retention of new hires, hiring the right person is crucial from the get-go. Tools such as culture fit interviews can help companies - and applicants - find the right fit.

3 Tips to Creating Better Connections with Your Candidates



Few experiences induce more fear and dread than that of the job interview. Ironic, isn’t it? ‘You have a job opening! I want that job! Let’s make this happen!’ Ah, if only it were so easy. Quite the opposite, the interview process itself is anything but easy for either party, and can often make people feel anything but themselves. Countless interview tips and tricks exist for hopeful applicants to pore over, from attire to speech to body language. So as a recruiter, how do you get a candidate to relax and be themselves so that you both can make the most out of the interview process? 

Tony Hsieh Tweeting from Twitter in a Tweet Chat



If you follow @InsideZappos on Twitter, you may already be familiar with our Recruiting Team’s regular tweet chats. CEO Tony Hsieh joined in for the rapid-fire fun during today’s chat.

What? No Job Postings?!?



You may have heard the news recently about Zappos' exciting new recruiting strategy! Mike Bailen, Senior HR Manager, talks about how doing away with job postings came about. 

Jobvite Webcast - Weird, Authentic and Fun: The Zappos' Family Take on Recruiting and Social Media



Last week Jobvite featured the Zappos Family in a webcast “Weird, Authentic and Fun: The Zappos' Family Take on Recruiting and Social Media." Cheryl Anne F., HR Project Manager and Drew K., Sourcing Specialists from Zappos.com, Inc. shares insights, the evolution of Zappos recruiting, and tools they use to search for talent. Check out the webinar in the video below. You can also download the slides.