5 Benefits of Getting to Know Your Team



With only so many hours in a day, the concept of a manager spending 20% of their time with team members may seem counterproductive. But investing that small amount of time to build relationships has several benefits that pay off in the long run.

5 Inexpensive and Effective Team Building Ideas


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The benefits of regular team building are well documented, from increased productivity and better communication to more team support and less conflicts, but how do you make them a priority without breaking the bank? The standard of getting drinks after work can get old (and pricey) pretty quick. Not to mention, you can lead your co-workers to a happy hour, but you can’t make them mingle. Mix things up with some creative yet inexpensive team building ideas.

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The words corporate culture still has many definitions to many people. At the base level, corporate culture is how the individual team members, teams, and managers act on a daily basis. If you were to write out a list of actions that you want your people to display on a daily basis “trust” should be close to the top. One of the phrases that our manager Robert Richman said that has stuck with me is, “The quickest way to trust is through transparency”.