Coaching Testimonials

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“The Designing the Company Coaching Experience course presented by Insights, and lead by Augusta Scott, is a truly inspirational program. It served to ground and refocused me to the real mission that Human Resource professional  own; creating a work-life experience for employees that helps them to grow, develop new skills, and empowers them to achieve their dreams, at work and at home. When we can accomplish this we create a fiercely loyal workforce that is engaged, empowered, and excited. The Coaching Experience course provided me with a road map to success. It provides a proven process for creating a goal coach program that can be adapted to any organization.  Not only does it provide the tools to create a successful program in your organization, you are provided with the analytics and talking points to sell the bottom line benefits of program at the C-level.

Any class participant who attends the workshop has to be energized and sold on the mission to create a goal’s coach program in their organization. It reminds us that when management leads with heart the organization, the employees, and they are changed in ways that impact and trickle down to benefit the company, families, and the communities they serve. The Goals Coach Program speaks to the heart but makes undeniable business sense. It is a program that will be quickly adapted by companies that aspire to be “best in class” and “best places to work.”  I highly recommend the program for any HR professional or any manager seeking to make an impactful difference in his/her organizational performance and in the development and growth of their workforce. Thank you Zappos and Coach Augusta for generously and openly sharing one of the secrets of your success.”


-Debbie S., Money Management, April 22, 2013

FRED Friday...Meet Augusta Scott, the Zappos Coach

Augusta Scott is the Zappos Coach.  She is the internal, on-site company “coach”.  She helps Zapponians with…anything…yes…anything they would like to improve in their lives; personally or professionally.  This is just another way Zappos shows love to their team members. 
The program is designed to keep the employees happy, feeling productive; feeling like they matter, and feeling significant both at work and in their personal lives.  The idea is that if Zappos team members can work through some of their trials, tribulations, issues, and/or personal/professional goals with Augusta, that will free up their mental capacity to really crush it, in their roles at work.  As an added bonus, they get to achieve (or at least work toward) making their dreams come true…personally & professionally.  That…is truly a happy thought.
After meeting Augusta Scott, in person, I am truly inspired.  The coaching program is great.  The Zappos company culture is game-changing, and I’m truly fascinated by their business model.  However, I’m inspired by the love, passion, and commitment with which Augusta Scott, the Zappos Coach, approaches her craft, her trade, her calling, as a life coach…to be such a positive influence to her team members. 
She cares.  She takes an interest.  She holds them accountable.  She pushes them.  She takes pride in leading others in their own self-discovery journey, which allows them to truly reinvent themselves

Augusta makes it clear…her role as the Zappos Coach isn’t about her at all (despite her charisma, charm, and innate ability to inspire).  It’s all about everyone else.  We can all learn from Zappos and Augusta, that in order for a company or organization to grow, its people, the individuals that make up the organization, must first be given the opportunity to grow.

-Taylor S.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

My Dear Augusta,

I wanted to "shoot you an email" to let you know how much the GOALS WORKSHOP has  helped me and my journey at Zappos.  I just received my second call quality check since my goals workshop.  I am happy to report that both reviews were in the 90+ range.  That, my friend is a big improvement for me.    

You spoke at my training class, back in April.  Augusta there were at least 40 people in my class but you were speaking only to me.  I knew I would work with you I just had no idea how, when or why.  I mentioned  to you before how important getting in the goals workshop was to me.  I was torturing myself and struggling with everyday tasks until you coached me to BUILD OPEN AND HONEST RELATIONSHIPS.  Getting in your workshop at the time I did, felt like a gift from heaven.

It is important for you to know what a positive impact you have had on my personal, professional and emotional life. 



Zappos CLT