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Zappos Insights offers comprehensive consulting services in the field of all people-related (HR) needs, from identifying HR or People gaps or opportunities to creating strategic recommendations designed to help your organization succeed and reach new heights. Our consultants have over 35 years of Human Resources experience in organizational development and building companies that last.

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The Discovery Process

The first step of our process is to immerse ourselves in your HR department, building a deep understanding of all the people, services, and tools related to and utilized by HR. This discovery phase takes between 4-6 weeks and covers every HR-related activity under the sun. We call it our “Get To Know You” phase. The objective is to get a clear picture of your organization, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide insight and guidance.

Areas we focus on:

  • People-Related Training
  • People Systems
  • Compensation
  • Termination Process
  • Benefits Plan and Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Process, Vision, and Culture Alignment

Areas of Focus

While our packages comprehensively cover everything HR-related, we have 5 areas of focus:
Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Engagement, People Relations, and Benefits and Wellness.

Strategic Planning

Building, developing, and planning strategies as well as executing your HR plans in the interest of maximum long-term benefit.


Utilizing your vision, values, and culture, we will create a long term program and foundation for your hiring team. Our comprehensive recruiting approach uses our WOW customer service focus to heighten candidate experience. And, we’ll walk you through how to create a core value interview to ensure potential candidates are a perfect fit for your company’s culture.


Creating employee engagement programs with your company culture and values in mind. Utilizing strategies to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, as well as retain customers at higher rates, build trust, and increase profit.

People Relations

Using a holistic view to identify roadblocks and paths to resolve employee concerns, we treat all employees as customers by following the WOW philosophy. We will support your organization in creating a space where employees feel safe participating in a process to address workplace concerns. We build an environment where trust is the foundation.

Benefits and Wellness

Designing a program that creates a WOW experience for your employees and their families. Our senior HR professionals will use non-traditional approaches to design a robust package of benefits, giving your employees peace of mind and increasing retention.


The discovery phase will allow us to provide you with a complete report on the state of your HR department and all its related activities, and provide strategic recommendations for the future. After the discovery phase, we will create a strategic plan so we/you can start the work to help your people (HR) thrive!

We will provide:

  • A follow-up meeting to discuss all findings
  • A full report with detailed analysis on all areas of research
  • Recommendations on next steps based on our findings
  • Cost analysis for Zappos HR Services based on findings


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