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We are excited to welcome you to the new Zappos Insights Online! We've created a new collection of videos to give you an inside look into Zappos. If you would like to view our archive of older content, please download the content Archive or visit the previous membership site

Core Values

Identifying, defining and committing to core values is vital in establishing a solid culture within your organization. We share why your values and your brand are two sides of the same coin and the detailed process that Zappos went through to implement our 10 core values. And most importantly, how you can too.

Hiring & Firing

One of the most critical places a company needs to stay true to their core values is in the recruitment and termination process. When an employee isn't aligned with your values, you need to move quickly. When considering a candidate, technical skills are important, but hiring for culture fit is key to creating and scaling a great culture.

Customer Service

You've heard the saying: “Happy employees = happy customers.” We share how having a strong company culture impacts your employees' happiness at work. And that by living your core values, you ensure employees can build strong connections with our customers. We like to say that Zappos is a service company that just happens to sell shoes, clothing, accessories... and who knows what else in the future!


Every great culture needs great leadership. Whether employees are formally managers or just natural leaders, hear about some of the key tips and tricks for identifying leadership qualities in employees. We also share how we groom leaders from within.

Empowerment & Engagement

Two pillars to our success in being a place employees love coming to work and customers love to shop is our focus on empowerment and engagement. We share stories of employees who were able to do the right thing for the customer, no questions asked. You'll also learn about programs and tools used at Zappos to give all employees a voice and help drive innovation.


Download our archive of lessons, documents, and videos that share the lessons that Zappos has learned over the year and take our learnings back to your organization.