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Leadership Leverage Points


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Corey Schreiber, Content Developer, Zappos Insights

Often, the best leadership will seem invisible because everything is going so well. Teams are passionate, and everyone has the time, resources and energy to focus on creating value.  Of course, it’s when things aren't going so well, that the word "leadership" comes up; it's noticeable that there's a lack of it.

Why Tribal Leadership Works



Corey Schreiber, Content Developer, Zappos Insights

There are common questions that many of us ask ourselves on a regular basis: How effective is our company at achieving our mission?; What role do I play in my team?; How effective am I as a leader?; How can I improve leadership beyond directing or controlling groups? Even though we may have come up with valid answers to these questions, the answer that may make the biggest impact is tribal leadership.

How To Gauge Success


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Corey Schreiber, Content Developer, Zappos Insights

This article talks about one specific way to view and gauge success on the individual and organizational level. There is also information on how to up the game when sending out surveys to get the best responses possible. 

Expectation Creates Dissatisfaction (and what to do about it...)



Stephen Shapiro, Author

Stephen Shapiro is the author of 5 books on innovation. His most recent, “Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition,” was selected as the best innovation and creativity book of 2011 and was the #1 best selling business book in all of Canada. 

In this article Stephen talks about taking the focus off of expectations, and shining the light on perfection.

The Value of Vision Webinar with Tony Hsieh & Robert Richman



Check out what Tony Hsieh has to say about the value of having a vision, and the importance of bringing that vision to life. If you don't have time to watch the video, there is an audio download of the presentation.

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