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Includes a 30 Minute Q&A Session

Value of a Zappos Insights Membership

·Learn why/how to create Core Values that define your company

· Lessons on how to hire and fire employees by the Core Values

· Modules on  leadership development and on-boarding to develop your leaders in-house

· Learn how to go above and beyond to WOW your customers with world-class customer service

· How to keep your team members engaged and feeling empowered

· Learn the Zappos Family approach to leadership, how leaders are developed in-house, and leverage points for leaders in your organization

· Downloadable audio, video, and PDF document Toolkits to assist you in cultivating your company culture.

· Culture Labs from Zappos Insights event attendees informing you how they were able to implement their takeaways from the events into their company

· Interviews with culture experts who influence us at, Inc.