Are you looking to gain advice, mentorship or guidance on your company culture, customer service, or human resources journey? We have a seasoned group of professionals who are ready and equipped to help you.

Tony Hsieh

Hollie Delaney
Head of People Operations

Rob Siefker
Senior Director of Customer Loyalty

Christa Foley
Culture Adviser and Director of Insights

Does your company have the culture, people and service focus you need to succeed?

  • Do you have a clear set of Core Values that guide and shape your company and it's culture?
  • Do you commit to your Core Values and do they drive all aspects of your business?
  • What are the best practices to ensure your culture is protected and staged to scale as your company scales?
  • Do you understand that your employee's are your most valuable resource?
  • How do you set a foundation of service across your organization with employees who are empowered to provide the best customer service?
  • Are you innovating on culture and customer service to help drive you to the next level?

Please note that at this time, Mentor On Demand services are only available for clients located in the United States. If you or your company are located outside of the United States, you may inquire with Zappos Insights on whether Mentor On Demand services can be made available in your location; however, Zappos Insights cannot guarantee the availability of Mentor on Demand services in any location outside of the United States.

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