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Secrets to Recruiting & Onboarding for Culture

The Zappos Oath of Employment

At Zappos, everything starts with our 10 Core Values. Beyond just a list of 10 statements, we have a comprehensive document that lists our core values and defines each one in detail. It's important for both potential new hires and employees to fully understand what your company's values are, what they mean and what is expected in terms of living and supporting the values. It's also important to be clear about what your company's values are so that your candidates can make sure YOU are the right fit for THEM. To that end, we have the Zappos Oath of Employment. And we share it with candidates and employees alike.

Download the Zappos Oath of Employment

The Zappos core values interview assessment guide

Ever wonder what questions to ask and how to ask them to determine if you are hiring the right person? You need to make sure that, along with hiring someone with the right technical skills, you are only bringing in talent that aligns with each of your core values. See how we factor this directly into our application and interview process through our core values interview.

Download The Zappos core values interview assessment guide

10 tips to make sure your next new hire is a culture and core values fit

The recruiting process can be overwhelming. Especially if you are looking for talent that not only has the right skill set to do the job, but also matches and will help grow your company's culture. Here are 10 tips to help you along your recruiting journey.

Download the 10 Hiring Tips