Let’s Work Happily Ever After: The Business Case for Culture (Guest Post)


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Workers want to be engaged. Companies want workers to be engaged. So what’s the problem? Just like with wedding engagements, there’s a lot to more to do. It’s not as simple as grabbing anybody off the street and telling them when and where to show up. People want to feel united in purpose. Chosen. Engagement starts with a strong company culture. But in order for culture to engage people, first, it must be communicated. 

Getting Creative with Employee Benefits and Engagement


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Sometimes wanting to improve company culture can be a double-edged sword. It’s safe to say that both companies and employees alike want to strengthen their culture, but adding benefits can be expensive and take resources that may not be readily available. So how can a company get creative without breaking the bank? One example is the Zappos WISHEZ program.

Signal Snowboards - Revolutionizing the Business One Board at a Time



A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the Signal Snowboard team when they came for a tour of Zappos. I was truly amazed by their laid back but professional attitude. Signal Snowboards started up in 2004 over a bottle of wine and an idea to recreate the traditional snowboard company. Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga co-founded the company with the idea that it would be more about art and passion, rather than just cranking out boards to turn a profit.